Since 2007, Cutting Edge Arms LLC has provided the very best in custom built firearms to our many customers around the nation. We would like to thank those customers and our new customers yet to come for allowing us the privilege  working on and building new custom firearms for their enjoyment and protection. 



Paul May and Shawn Timma started their careers in the firearms industry by attending America’s premier gunsmithing school Trinidad State Junior College. Trinidad State Junior College has been providing the firearms industry with some of America’s finest gunsmiths and custom builders since 1947. After graduating in 2002 they went to work in the Virginia Tidewaterand Washington DC area. While there they honed their skills by building custom long range rifles, competition and tactical handguns, and tactical shotguns for military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters. They have built custom firearms for some ofAmerica’s most elite law enforcement and military shooters.

After moving to Oklahoma City and working in other industries they still had a dream of someday owning their own custom gunsmith shop. Well in 2007 that dream became a reality in the form of Cutting Edge Arms LLC.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service to the shooting community. No custom job is too small or over the top for us to tackle. We can work with any budget and still provide the very best in firearms customization. Thanks in advance for choosing us to customize your firearm