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Cutting Edge Arms Shotguns

Cutting Edge Arms is your custom shotgun headquarters. We provide our customers with endless custom options to make their shotgun perform flawlessly for their particular shot gunning use. Be that a tactical shotgun for home defense or law enforcement use, or a shotgun for the duck blind or sporting clays range.

Tactical Shotguns

Our tactical shotguns are some of the finest in the industry. Not only do they provide you with the ultimate in home defense but they are a absolute joy to shoot because of the many recoil reducing options that we provide. Most tactical shoguns that we build for our clients have lengthened forcing cones, porting, and in the case of our Remington 870’s a Blackhawk Recoil Reducing Stock. The options make the gun more comfortable to shoot and in the case of the lengthened forcing cone also give you tighter shot patterns.
We also can provide screw-in choke tubes giving you the ability to tune the gun to your particular choice in defensive loads. We top this all off with our Cerakote finish, giving you the ultimate in rust prevention and durability.

Hunting and Competition Shotguns

Whatever custom option you may need to get your shotgun to perform at its best we can provide. We provide custom stock options such as recoil reducers, adjustable cheek rests, and adjustable recoil pads. We also provide: barrel porting, lengthened forcing cones, screw-in choke tubes, and custom sighting options. We also are a full service refinishing and repair shop, so whatever your need we can provide you with the finest gunsmithing available anywhere.