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Cutting Edge Arms Rifles

If your looking for a precision long range rifle or the ultimate hunting rifle look no further than Cutting Edge Arms. The skill of our gunsmiths shines through with each pull of the trigger of one of our fine custom built rifles. Whether you’re a competition long range shooter or big game hunter, we can build your rifle to fit your specific needs. We can offer your endless options to provide a custom rifle that is built specifically to your likes and needs.

Long Range Precision Rifles

Whether your idea of a precision rifle is an Ar-15 or M1A or the more traditional bolt action, we can provide you with the utmost in accuracy and quality. Our custom bolt action rifles can be built on the action of your choice. We can build fine precision rifles on most any action ie; Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, Savage 110, and even Mauser Actions. There are many options to consider when building a custom bolt gun, wood or synthetic stocks; custom barrels, precision triggers, and the list go on and on. Whatever your idea of a precision bolt gun is we can provide it for you.

Precision Ar-15’s

Our AR-15’s are truly the most accurate semi-auto rifles that you can find anywhere. They shoot every bit as accurately as our custom bolt action but give you the ability to make that fast follow-up shot. The options are endless in our AR-15 line of rifles. The barrels on our custom Ar-15 rifles are all threaded and chambered in-house so as to match the barrel to your specific action and bolt. We also provide you with many caliber options to meet your specific needs.

Side Bolt Handle Conversion

One truly unique option that we can provide you is our side bolt handle conversion. We can do this conversion on any AR-15 action. This provides you with a very strong and user friendly alternative to the factory charging handle.  It can be utilized as a forward assist or to remove a stuck cartridge. You can also maintain your sight picture on the target while clearing a jam or loading a cartridge from a fresh magazine. When seconds count and your life is on the line being able to keep your eyes on the threat can mean the difference between winning a gunfight or losing.

Rifle Repair Services

Cutting Edge Arms is not only a full service custom shop, but also a full service repair and refinishing shop. We can repair all makes and models of rifles, as well as manufacture parts that are not readily available. We also can provide you with factory quality refinishing services such as hot bluing, parkerizing, and Gukote and Cerakote finishes. We also do complete antique restorations.

Whatever your need be it custom work, repair, or refinishing, Cutting Edge Arms is your one stop shop for all your gunsmithing needs.