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Cutting Edge Arms Handguns

Cutting Edge Arms provides its customers with some of the finest custom handguns in the industry. We are unique to the industry in that we not only customize 1911’s, one of the most popular firearms to customize, but we will build one of a kind custom handguns from any of today’s most popular handguns. Be it a Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock or any other polymer frame handgun.  Maybe you have your granddads single action Colt and would like it restored or have a custom set of grips fit to it. The gunsmiths at Cutting Edge Arms will sit down with you and design the custom handgun of your dreams.

Exacting Standards

Every handgun that we build must meet our exacting standards before it leaves our shop. Not only must we exceed our customer’s expectations but we also know that every firearm that we send out has been built with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Our gunsmiths are expert craftsmen that have over 20 years combined experience in building quality custom firearms.

Unique Packages

One of our unique revolver packages starts life as a Smith & Wesson Model 10 4” Heavy Barrel. We remove the barrel, shorten and recrown it, and slab side the barrel for a one of a kind custom look. Then we do a round butt conversion and fit a custom set of grips to the converted frame. We also bob the hammer and remove the serrations from the trigger. After that the options are endless, from custom dovetailed front sights, porting, jeweling the hammer and trigger, and custom finishes. We finish off the project by timing and polishing the action into one of the sweetest double action trigger pulls available anywhere.

1911 Customizations

Our 1911 based customs are second to none. Everything that you have ever seen done to a 1911 we can do and more besides. Our metal checkering is all hand cut, not the mass production CNC cut checkering that you see so much of today. Each part in our custom 1911’s is tediously hand fit, so that when finished it performs and looks like a fine Swiss watch. Not only are the guns appealing to the eye but they also provide you with the most accurate and reliable handgun available today.

Pistol Standoff

One of the more unique accessories that we have developed is the auto pistol standoff. We developed this for the law enforcement and executive protection community, and after several versions we think that we have developed the most sturdy and effective auto pistol standoff in the industry.  We can custom make one for any auto pistol with a picatinny rail.

Handgun Repair Services

Cutting Edge Arms is not only a full service custom shop, but also a full service repair and refinishing shop. We can repair all makes and models of handguns, as well as manufacture parts that are not readily available. We also can provide you with factory quality refinishing services such as hot bluing, parkerizing, and Gukote and Cerakote finishes. We also do complete antique restorations.

Whatever your need be it custom work, repair, or refinishing, Cutting Edge Arms is your one stop shop for all your gunsmithing needs.